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I couldn’t resist this one after receiving the same message spammed to my walls (Yes, all of them,)  by multiple ‘friends’ in the past couple of days. I go into the hospital for one day and my ‘friends’ don’t have the sense to read what they’re forwarding.   The latest bit of spam is one that if you had a single working brain cell you wouldn’t even think about forwarding it.  The owner of facebook (We all know his name, there’s no need to name him) supposedly sent a wall posting to see who was active and threatened to delete all “inactive” accounts. 

First, do these people REALLY think that administrators need to check peoples walls to see if they’re active?

Second, I actually kind of feel sorry for the idiot who was stupid enough to claim to be Mark. LOL Buh Bye Account! Thank you for flying with us!

And yes, the 6 year old who has cancer is going to risk having her web page deleted for spamming people, or the mother of the ‘kidnapped’ 30 year old. Or insert every other moronic post or movie that has been forwarded to me in the past couple of months. 

Okay, so I just offended some of my so called friends. Maybe next time you and all of those like you will use your remaining braincell before forwarding garbage on to me!


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