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Okay, so it’s not all about me, but if I told you *all* about me you wouldn’t need to read my blogs!! I can rant on almost anything, but I try not to rant on too much random stuff, mostly because my pet peeve is being ‘should on’ ‘you should do this’ ‘you should do that’  ‘I think the whole world should make their new years resolution to to THIS with their blogs next year!! Welcome to the world people will not do what you want. Suck it up.  (oops, that was a rant wasn’t it)

Seriously, I’m a full time , mature (in years, I lay no claim to otherwise) student, working on a double major in psychology and history.  Aside from my two school interests, my biggest interests are my cats, activism and learning. But those aren’t my only interests. I’ll rant on almost anything if you ask me to.  My Blog names are usually Whirling Dervish or Canadiandervish, the ’10’ in this one represents the year I graduate.


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